RNG | Drop-bar-bell Road`N`Gravel

Handlebar plug on the desired side out and there then push the RNG until the circumferential plastic ring of the bell base on the handlebar end.

Logo up, trigger down.

Then tighten the screw on the bell body using the Allen key provided.

Continue to press the bell against the end of the handlebar.

The easiest way to do this is to place the non-inbus hand on the end of the handlebar and the thumb and index finger on the sound body.

Hand tighten the screw, torque values are not yet available.


Ergonomics, geometry and material - handlebars can be very different ...

Also in terms of the relevant for mounting the handlebar end bell RNG inner diameters.

If therefore the bell can not be fixed as desired wobble-free in the handlebar end:

Please wrap the spreader base of the bell with a layer of handlebar tape or similar and only then push it into the open handlebar end.

Since October 2023, in all deliveries the spreading base of the bell is enclosed by a rubber element.

This should ensure the wobble-free fit even in the sportiest gravel ride.

However, if the bell with the rubber element can not be inserted into the handlebar end, this is not needed.

Please then simply pull off the rubber element.


If the sound of the bell is shrill or weaker than expected:

Turning the sound body on a bit at a time may help.

If necessary, repeat until a decent sound quality is achieved.